About Us

“I didn’t want to sell shoes for a living.”

Our family store had been selling Red Wing boots since before 1950, and my father had become the first Red Wing store owner in San Antonio – and it was consistently ranked in the Top 10 of 500 Red Wing stores in the US. And I joined the management team in 1995.

But it’s not what I envisioned doing with my life.

“Then I heard about fitting feet instead of shoes…”

When news reached me about what Jim Davis was doing with New Balance Athletic Shoe. Jim, the owner of New Balance, determined that New Balance customers were not being properly fit for his shoes, and that most stores were not stocking the range of widths customers required.

So New Balance began a licensing program to qualified shoe store operators for New Balance Concept stores. This gave Jim Davis control over the fitting process and shoe inventory and ensured that New Balance customers would get the right fit.

I heard the success stories and how proper fit was literally changing people’s lives and began to pursue the New Balance license for the San Antonio area. In 2001 I was awarded the exclusive license for New Balance concept stores for Bexar and the surrounding counties.

“Now I’m thrilled to come to work every day.”

The first store on Huebner at Interstate 10 was an immediate success and has continued as one of the top New Balance stores in North America. In November, 2005 the second New Balance store opened in the Forum, Interstate 35 and Loop 1604. To offer even more convenience to our customers, we opened a third store in 2010 in the Quarry Village.

I have a fantastic staff in all three stores, and I really do hear the success stories and read all of the survey results, testimonials, and thank you e-mails.

I’m still not all that passionate about shoes (although my wife is!) – but I am passionate about fit and the difference proper fit can make in your life. So if you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail me.


– Rob Kaufman