Honoring Diabetes Awareness Month With Healthy Feet and Shoes That Fit


As shoe experts, New Balance San Antonio knows a thing or two about feet. We know the biomechanics of various foot strides, the role your feet play on your joints, and that if you suffer from diabetes, your shoe choice can be a serious matter. Diabetics are at a high risk of developing dangerous conditions like impaired circulation or nerve damage, a combination that when mixed with poorly-fitted shoes can lead to ulcers and a host of other issues.

According to Diabetes Self-Management, impaired circulation raises the risk of infection because wounds on your feet heal slower. Nerve damage, they report, “can cause loss of sensation in the feet, which means a person may not feel heat, cold, or pain in his feet.”

With this in mind, we tell our diabetic customers to look for shoes that offer a generous amount of room in the forefoot and no exposed stitching. The latter can cause a wound that a diabetic may not discover right away, leading to potential infection and in some cases, amputation. It’s also wise to choose a shoe with a rocker bottom outsole because the rocker functions like the natural rolling motion of your foot.

Learn even more about what to look for in a shoe here.

How Can We Help?

At New Balance, we stay up-to-date on the knowledge you need to choose footwear that will keep your feet safe and healthy. If you’re struggling with finding the right shoe, visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village. Some recommended styles (which come in various colors for both men and women) include:

  • 1540
  • 1340
  • 840
  • 928
  • 847
  • 857

How to Have a Healthy Holiday


“While the rain may indeed fall on the just and the unjust, it does not fall on the prepared.”

This is a quote from personal trainers Lee and Beth Jordan in Eat + Run’s “8 Secrets to Staying Fit During the Holidays.” As we get into the thick of the holiday season, it’s so easy to let our fitness plans fall by the wayside. From family parties to end-of-year work events to school Christmas functions, schedules tend to book up fast this time of year — translating to less time for self care. But as the Jordans would agree, when it comes to staying healthy and fit during the holidays, prepared we must be if we want to succeed. There are so many small things we can do to stay focused on our health goals. Here are some of our best tips to help get you mentally ready for the jolly, yet busy, holidays!

  • Make this your mantra: Indulge for a night, not a season. In that same Eat + Run article, Professor Sherry Pagoto gave some great advice on overindulging: “Avoid allowing ‘treats’ to become staples by not letting them linger in the house after the celebration has ended. When the party is over, it is time to dump the junk!”
  • Just like you do with parties, schedule your workouts in advance. For some inspiration, check out Men’s Journal’s “5-step Plan to Make Sure You Work Out During the Holidays.”
  • Instead of just seeing your relatives at obligatory get-togethers, round up the fam bam for a local holiday 5K. There are tons of options here in San Antonio, so why not make a new family tradition!?
  • Be the guest at the party who brings a healthful side or dessert. A veggie tray, a fruit basket, a healthier version of green bean casserole — there are endless recipes out there to come up with a menu full of healthy options.
  • Before you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, drink a full glass of water. Before you get up for seconds, drink a full glass of water. Before you meander over to the dessert table, drink a full glass of water. Are you catching on yet? Drinking plenty of water, specifically before meals, will not only help you consume less, it can also improve your skin and fight off the big-meal fatigue.

How Can We Help?

It is the New Balance mission to keep you fit and healthy all-year round. Though we love a good health-minded New Year’s resolution, we love it even more when our customers are reaching their fitness goals throughout every season, not just when it’s the cool thing to do. So plan ahead and visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village. With more than 75 models of New Balance shoes to choose from, we’ve got what you need to get motivated and stay excited about fitness all season long!

Winter Road Races in San Antonio


According to U.S. News, the best time to visit San Antonio is November through April. And with the temperature averaging between 64 and 80 degrees in these cooler months, we can’t say we disagree. This also means that Texas winters are the perfect time to dust off those running shoes and hit the pavement. You guessed it, we’ve got another round of SA road races and there are so many to choose from this time!  

Whether you’re just visiting or are an SA native, these November and December races are worth the sweat — and might even help stave off those Holiday calories!

To see even more San Antonio races this winter and beyond, check out Running in the USA’s comprehensive list here.

How Can We Help?

Maybe you were able to dust off those barely-used running shoes or maybe you’re in need of a footgear upgrade. If the latter applies to you, we can help! With more than 75 models to choose from, New Balance shoes are scientifically designed to provide the stability and comfort your feet deserve throughout your entire 3.1, 6.2, or 26-mile race. Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village.

Help San Antonians By Donating Your Gently Worn Shoes

Help San Antonians By Donating Your Gently Worn Shoes

Here at New Balance San Antonio, we have an attitude of gratitude.

We are so thankful for our families, our employees, our customers, and the many blessings we enjoy. But, at this time of year, we’re also reminded that many families and individuals in our community do not have all they need. Something as simple as a good pair of shoes can mean so much. So, from November 7th thru the 21st, when you bring your gently-worn shoes into any New Balance San Antonio location, we will donate them to Haven for Hope.

What is Haven for Hope?

Haven for Hope is an organization offering new beginnings for the homeless in San Antonio through education, job training, and behavioral health services. They also provide housing while helping homeless individuals find independence and a permanent home.

The Haven for Hope mission is to offer a place of hope and new beginnings. We do this by providing, coordinating and delivering an efficient system of care for people experiencing homelessness in San Antonio. – Haven for Hope Mission Statement

Your shoes will bless someone who truly needs them. In return, as a token of our appreciation, you will receive a ____ gift card from New Balance San Antonio.

You can get this season of giving off on the right foot by donating your gently-worn shoes at any one of our three locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village. Because when you help someone else’s feet feel good, you feel good.

Don’t Forget to Vote on Nov. 6


Calling all Bexar Countians! It’s time to gear up for the Midterm elections on Nov. 6. With well over 1 million registered voters in the county, we hope all of you registered readers get out Tuesday to exercise your right to vote.

If you still don’t know where you need to go on election day, visit Bexar.org for all the voter information you could possibly need, including how to look up your precinct.

We’ve also found The San Antonio Express-News Voter Guide to be super helpful in teaching us more about the candidates. Check it out yourself for key insights into what candidates running for state and federal offices think about important issues facing Texas.

How Can We Help?

Though the jury is still out on whether or not Post Election Stress Disorder can be considered a thing, there’s no doubt that politics, in general, can cause stress. At New Balance, we’re always here to provide all the stress-reducing gear you need, from our 75-plus model shoe collection to our growing line of men’s, women’s, and kids’ fitness clothing lines. So keep the anxiety levels down and visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village.

Fall Back in Time With Ease


Time change is a nuisance. Whether it’s changing time zones for travel or the twice-a-year changing of the clocks for Daylight Savings Time, messing with time tends to mess with our sleep — and poor sleep equals poor health. That’s why it’s so important to prepare our bodies now for Sunday’s Fall Back.

As the Los Angeles Times reported, “The fall time switch is certainly easier on the body than when we lose an hour of sleep each spring. But the shift still takes its toll, tinkering with the body’s delicate circadian rhythms, and that can lead to several days of feeling sluggish and less alert.”

So how do we combat this dreaded change? The Times’ put together a list of nine tips on prepping for the big day. Here’s a preview to get you started:

  1. Remember to change all — repeat, all — the clocks before you go to sleep Saturday night (including the one on the microwave, the stove top, the car dashboard).
  2. Don’t use this time change as an opportunity to sleep in. After you change the clocks, aim to hit the hay about an hour later than you normally would, and try to get up at the same time you normally would on Sunday mornings — or even a little earlier.
  3. Get some extra sun — and some exercise — the day before and after the time change, and even a few days after that. Enjoying the rays for a few extra minutes will help you reset your system, and the exercise will help tucker you out so you fall asleep easier at night.

Ingrid Prueher of HuffPost also had some great advice on helping children stay on track: “I recommend not filling up your weekend with activities the day prior to and the day of DST. If at all possible, it’s best to keep your children on their regular sleep schedule and in their home sleeping environment even at nap time.”

How Can We Help?

Did you catch the third tip from LA Times? Sun and exercise are key to adjusting well this Sunday. And we’ve got everything you need in the form of outdoor gear. Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village to view our 75-plus shoe model collection and try our fitness clothing line.

It’s Halloween in the City


If you’re a local, you know that Halloween in San Antonio is no half-hearted matter. We San Antonians take the scare business seriously, and the events this year should NOT be underestimated. Here are just a few things to do on Halloween in SA.

  • Trick or Treating – If your neighborhood’s trick-or-treating game isn’t up to par, check out mySA’s list of hoods that are.
  • Haunted Pub Crawl – San Antonio’s only haunted pub experience is sure to make your skin crawl (see what we did there?) with tales of gruesome histories and garish apparitions that still reside there today.
  • 13th Floor Haunted House – Marketing itself as “San Antonio’s Premier Halloween Event,” the 13th Floor Haunted House is what nightmares are made of. It’s worth noting that this is NOT kid-friendly and recommended for those 12 and up.

Go here for even more Halloween fun in Texas’ most haunted city!

How Can We Help?

If we’ve convinced you to walk the haunted pub crawl, take your kids trick or treating, or run from the monsters on the 13th floor, then you’re going to need a sturdy pair of shoes. We can fit your feet with the most stylish, stable, and comfortable footwear around. Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village for a custom fitting.

Your Workout Gear Matters

Not all exercise is created equal. Yoga, swimming, running, weightlifting — they all have different purposes, intensity levels, and bodily movement requirements, which means all have different necessities when it comes to workout gear. From clothing to footwear to equipment, there are several unique components that come with each fitness routine. Today, your feet are the focus.

If you’re the type to bounce between exercises, it’s important to know the variations in footwear to prevent injury and increase stabilization. Self Magazine has a great shoe breakdown for some of the most popular workouts. Here a few highlights:

  • Running Shoes – According to the article, running shoes are where to splurge: “That’s because running shoes tend to go heavy on both support and cushioning—which is critical for correcting injury-related issues such as overpronation and reducing the amount of impact on your joints.”
  • Cross-Training Shoes – Cross trainers are the best option when needing a versatile shoe. As Albert Matheny, a trainer with SoHo Strength Lab, told Self, “They give you some stability to move forward and backward and side to side, and while they aren’t as squishy as a running shoe, meaning you can lift in them, they aren’t so rigid that you can’t run in them.”
  • Weightlifting Shoes – Weightlifting shoes keep you as one with the floor as possible. “Think about it like wearing heels. If you’re high off the floor, you’re going to be less stable,” said Matheny. “Meanwhile, if you are wearing squishy running shoes when you squat, all of that padding is absorbing some of the forces you are trying to put into the ground to raise the bar.”

How Can We Help?

No matter what exercise you choose, having gear that’s properly fitted is Step One. At New Balance, we train every single one of our staff members in the latest shoe technology, biomechanics, and proper fit so no one leaves our stores without knowing their correct size and width for optimal support and stability. Need proof? Hear from Marsha Shields, president of McCombs Foundation, on how switching to New Balance helped eradicate her foot pain:

“My first visit to New Balance SA was in search of two things: properly fitted walking shoes and relief from constant heel pain…I was directed to a style of shoe that would properly support my feet, a new type of insole that would better support my arches, and a correctly fitted size that would be comfortable… I have walked many miles in NB shoes and never again experienced any foot-related issues.” 

Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village for your own custom fitting.

Join Us This Month At San Antonio’s Health Fairs


Healthy living is the New Balance way. We do our best to live it out each day within our brand by encouraging you, our loyal customers and supporters, to strive for balance in all aspects of your life. Of course, our main focus is feet, because we strongly believe that “when your feet feel good, your whole body feels good!” We stand by this motto, but also recognize there’s more to good health than good shoes. That’s why we’re participating in two local health fairs this month — and we’d love for you to join us in learning more about the health resources you have in the San Antonio area.

Kaiser Medical Management Health Fairs:

Oct. 24, 2018 @ 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Broadway Bank

1177 NE LOOP 410

Administration Building Conference Room A & B

San Antonio, Texas

Oct. 30, 2018 @9 a.m.-Noon

Harland Clarke


San Antonio, Texas

How Can WE Help Your Health?

Now, back to your feet. As our motto above suggests, shoes matter. And here at New Balance San Antonio, we’ve got plenty of options in the shoe department to make sure your feet are well-fitted, well-comforted, and well-styled. Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village to view our 75-plus model collection and find the perfect shoe for you!

Come One, Come All To San Antonio This Fall!


Though we can’t guarantee a break in the Texas heat just yet, Fall does bring an immediate slew of events to San Antonio. We already told you October marked the beginning of wedding season, but it also marks a city-wide calendar chock-full of outdoor fun and adventure. From German-inspired Oktoberfest celebrations to The Alamo City Comic Con to, of course, Halloween events rich in haunted and cultural nature. If you’re planning a trip to San Antonio soon or looking for something new to do in your hometown, here are just a few events to check out this month and beyond:

  • San Antonio Beer Fest 2018 – Oct. 20 – This original San Antonio beer fest boasts 450-plus premium and craft beers from 150-plus breweries across the world. In addition to beer, this 21-and-up event will include music, games, wines, ciders, food trucks, and more!
  • Dia de Los Muertos Celebration – Oct. 27-28 – Benefiting inner-city development, the Día de Los Muertos celebration at La Villita has been named by USA Today as one of the “10 Great Day of the Dead Celebrations” in the world. The best part: It’s free!
  • Alamo City Comic Con – Oct. 27-29 – It’s Comic-Con with a twist! Instead of the more traditional comics, the Alamo City is bringing Halloween-themed editions along with interactive events in the form of fortune telling, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Interview with a Vampire. Make this event even more memorable by dressing up in your Halloween best!

Want more? Check out these sites for a comprehensive roundup of what to do and when you can do it!

How Can We Help?

While you’re outdoors hopping from one fall event to the next, you’re going to need the right foot gear. With more than 75 models of shoes to choose from, New Balance has plenty of options to make sure your feet have the stability, comfort, and style they deserve! Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village.