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Back to School Time!

San Antonio’s new school year is scheduled begin on August 13th, and whether you’re the parent of a pre-school newbie or a high school senior, New Balance is here to help those first days of school go smoothly!

Educational Orientation

That first week back to school is always a whirlwind, especially for families with multiple children. The meetings, the lunches, the after-school events can quickly lead to total exhaustion. Don’t worry! There’s tons of resources available to help you and your kids get through that first week! offers a full list of steps to prep your kids for school, including:

  • Ease into it – Create a school day routine and practice it a few days before school is back in session! This helps you avoid any squealing gears when shifting into school mode.
  • Gear up – Your teacher will likely provide a class supply list or a syllabus listing what your kids will need to succeed. Sometimes this list contains hints at projects and activities that are coming down the pike. Use these activities to get your child excited about what’s to come.
  • Have an Agenda – With sports tryouts, recital practices, field trips, grocery shopping, and everything else that takes up your time, it helps to have a plan! Look for your a school year calendar on the the school’s website. Print a copy and add special dates to your own calendar to get a handle on what’s to come.
  • List out Academic Goals – Whether it’s landing the lead role in a play, getting a spot on the basketball team, or improving grades overall, asking your children to make a list of personal school-related goals will motivate them and give them a sense of accomplishment.

Education is one of the most important aspects of your child’s life, no matter how old they are. With these tips, you can give them a springboard to succeed in the new school year.




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