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Whew… predicts that Monday, July 23rd will hit a high of 107°, so spending time outside probably isn’t a great plan. Fortunately, there are plenty of indoor activities around San Antonio that’ll help you stay cool all summer long!

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Our Cool Ideas


The Doseum has a special event now thru January 6, 2019 that will let you see into the future. “Dream Tomorrow Today” is an event in partnership with the San Antonio Tricentennial Celebration to help kids get excited about the future of our great country.

Step into a time machine and step out into the future you imagine! In The DoSeum’s summer exhibit, Dream Tomorrow Today, kids and families are invited to leave the past behind as they slide through time and transported to a better tomorrow—one that they create themselves. As they travel through the exhibit, kids will be invited to SEE, BE, and DO the future—designing future cities, shaping community values, role playing future careers, and more.

Art Exhibits

The San Antonio Handweavers Guild is one of the oldest guilds in the country, and their current exhibit, “Woven in Time,” can be viewed thru July 28th in the Central Gallery at the San Antonio Public Library. Head over to see historical weaving and patterns inspired by 80+ years of the guild’s rich history!

Knowledge is power! Learn more about our local history AND beat the heat at the same time. Now, that’s a win-win!

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