San Antonio Spurs Kick off Regular Season Tonight


The San Antonio Spurs kick off their regular season tonight at 7:30 p.m. against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Whether you’re still reeling over the Kawhi Leonard trade or hopeful for a fresh start with the new lineup, there’s sure to be plenty of excitement this 2018-19 season — just another reason why we love living in San Antonio!

And we don’t know about you, but there is something about watching a new season kick off that makes us want to get moving too! If you’re the same, you may also enjoy this total body 5-day workout routine — put together by Denver Nuggets’ Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Steve Hess designed around the basic components of basketball, including running, jumping, and changing direction. We’re not saying you HAVE to train like an NBA player, but if you want to, Hess has you covered.

Now, let’s get ready to cheer on our boys! Go, Spurs, Go!

Click here to check out the entire 2018-19 Spur schedule.

How Can We Help?

If watching the game tonight “spurs” you into action to get fit, we can help. With more than 75 models of New Balance shoes and staff trained in all the latest shoe technology, there’s no reason we can’t find you gear that fits. Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village.

Beginning is Winning


Throughout history, humans have exercised like it was their day job — because it was (think hunter-gatherers). Fast-forward to today, with 80 percent of jobs being sedentary desk work, we humans find it harder and harder to get our bodies moving in a regular rhythm that keeps us at optimal physical health. With so many technological advances, there’s just less need to be active throughout our days. If you’ve fallen into this sedentary rut and are finding it difficult to get out, you’ve come to the right blog!

Check out these sources for beginner workouts that will ease you into a new routine:

Keep in mind, it’s most important to just try something.

Getting started with any new habit is the hardest part, so start by doing something you enjoy.

Working out doesn’t have to mean running long distances or lifting weights. As Fitness Blogger George Guerin said, it can also be playing pickup basketball games at your local gym or going on a solitary hike to clear your head. When it comes to your fitness goals, you cannot win unless you begin.

How Can We Help?

Fitness is our jam. New Balance will forever be your biggest supporter and encourager when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. With more than 75 shoe models to choose from, along with fitness apparel for every sport, we’re a one-stop shop for any type of workout. Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village.

How New Balance Can Help Get You Wedding Ready!


The end of summer marks the beginning of fall, and here in Texas, this time of year is also synonymous with wedding season. Since October is the most popular month for weddings in San Antonio  — because summers. are. hot.  — we want to make sure you’re in tip-top shape for your wedding, your son or daughter’s wedding, or that wedding you’re planning to crash (don’t really do that!).

First and foremost, we’d like to introduce you to NeilPatel, who advises that confidence, gratefulness, positivity, and self-care should be your #1 focus as you prep for the big day. Whether it’s your day or someone else’s, these are important lessons that can keep you centered in the midst of the wedding craze.

Second, it’s never too late to start a wedding workout routine. Oh yes, we went there. Physical activity is proven to reduce stress and release those happy-go-lucky feelings called endorphins. So if you’re one week out or 10 weeks out, we can help get you moving with some new active gear.  

Third, though New Balance may be an obvious choice when getting into shape for your wedding, we’re probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about wedding attire. But let’s face it, we all know the ladies in attendance aren’t going to make it all night in those heels! New Balance has designed oh-so-comfortable flip flops and various shoe styles perfect for changing into when your feet hurt or when the band starts to play your favorite song!

Where to Find Us?

Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village to see what style suits you best!

P.S. If you’re in need of a little wedding planning inspiration, is a great resource to find that perfect venue, wedding checklist, and more!

Bring the Entire Family to BOOtanica On Oct. 6


Known as the museum of plants, the San Antonio Botanical Garden’s is one of the city’s most treasured and recognized attractions. Because of its commitment to art, architecture, music, and theater experiences in addition to its vast plant exhibits, the Gardens welcome 150,000 — including 50,000 children — visitors each year.

Tomorrow, Oct. 6, is the Botanical Gardens’ latest example of its family-fun nature with the annual BOOtanica Days event, a fall celebration with hands-on activities, garden exploration, and bat knowledge galore! If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend with your entire family, you’ve found it!

Why You Should Go.

It has been proven over and over that the key to raising successful, healthy children is cultivating a strong family bond. Another side of healthy living is spending time outdoors surrounded by nature. Balance comes when we take advantage of opportunities that mold our needs together. BOOtanica is not only fit for your entire crew, but also gets you outside and moving and there are so many benefits to being active WITH your family. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Here’s a quick highlight of the event:

BOOtanica Days

What: Sponsored by H-E-B,  BOOtanica celebrates fall with hands-on activities for the whole family. Make a bat mask, learn about bat pollinators, and enjoy garden exploration.

Where: San Antonio Botanical Garden (555 Funston Place)

When: Oct. 6, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Admission: All guests get $2 off general admission. Members are free.

Want More? Click here for more details.

How Can We Help?

At New Balance, we always want to push you to find your balance. We can’t help it, it’s in our name! Come visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village to find out how we can help you get to your center and start living your best life. Here are three reasons to choose New Balance San Antonio.

San Antonio’s October 5Ks Are Fun AND Charitable


In San Antonio, a new month means a new round of road races. Because we know firsthand the benefits of living an active lifestyle, running to us is a no-brainer. But we also know the struggle is real for those still uncommitted to an exercise-rich life. Sometimes, the mental game with getting started is harder than the physical act itself. That’s why 5Ks and fun runs are a great way to ease into a new workout regimen.

If you’re in the boat of needing some extra encouragement, we challenge you to sign up for one (or more!) of the October races listed below and see for yourself just how addictive race-day energy can be. Also, most all of these runs benefit causes and nonprofits that are helping shape the San Antonio community — and there are so many incredible reasons to run for charity!

October Race Lineup:

How Can We Help?

If you’re just getting started in the running world, your shoe choice could make or break your running experience. Let us get you to the finish line with one of our more than 75 models of New Balance shoes, which are scientifically designed to provide the stability and comfort your feet deserve. Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village.

Calling All Stupid Questions!


How many times have you heard a teacher say, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question”? Probably too many times to count, right? Well, that’s exactly why a group of teachers in the 1980s decided to create a day devoted to stupid questions. Yes, you heard us, there is an entire day called Ask a Stupid Question Day and today is that day!

After realizing their students were too scared of sounding stupid to ask questions in class, the teachers designated one day each year where their classrooms were open to all the questions on all the topics. To quote Days of the Year, “By making a place that was safe for all questions, they were encouraging them to open up and share their curiosity with the class, without the fear of being ridiculed.” We share the same sentiment because asking questions is how you learn. Elite Daily even reported that asking questions is how experts separate the smart from the average. Spoiler Alert: the smart, not the average, are the ones who ask questions!

So we challenge you, smart people, to ask us, New Balance San Antonio, all your stupid burning fitness questions in honor of Ask a Stupid Question Day! Maybe you’re new to the fitness world or a self-proclaimed fitness freak. Either way, we know you’ve got questions. In fact, here’s a sampling of some of the inquiries you guys have sent us over the years (and not a single one is stupid).  

  • The shoes I purchased are uncomfortable and I don’t think they fit right. What should I do?
  • What type of shoes should I wear if I am new to running?
  • My son has wide feet. Do you have shoes that will fit him?
  • How long should a pair of running shoes last?

How Can We Help?

Whether it’s about what shoes to wear for running, how to get started on your fitness journey, or why being active is good for you, we’ve got the answers you need to turn your unknowns into knowns. Come on, ask us a stupid question by contacting us online or visiting one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village.

Find Run-spiration With the Couch-to-5K Program


Running. You either love it or you hate it. At least that’s what “they” say. But what if we could convince you that running doesn’t have to be black or white? Would you believe us if we told you there could be joy in running? Just ask Josh Clark, Big Medium founder and used-to-be-running-hater who created the now famous fitness program Couch-to-5K (C25K), which has helped millions of non-exercisers find joy in running.

In an interview with Nokia Health Blog, Clark admits he got into running the hard way. Like so many of us, he pushed himself too hard too fast. Luckily, he was able to persevere. But as he thought about the reasons that almost led to him giving up on his fitness goals, he created a program that he hoped would eliminate these same struggles for others just getting started in the running world. After writing his ideas down, testing his theories on his own mother, and then successfully getting his mother to her first 5K, Clark knew he was on to something. That something has since been sold and trademarked by fitness company Active Network, and has become one of the most popular running programs in the world. His motto for fitness has become the same as it is as a UX designer developing the software user experience: no pain, no pain.

Similar to Clark’s Couch-to-5K theory, The New York Times put together their own “How to Train” guide that takes the intimidation factor out of getting started:

Starting a new running habit doesn’t have to be hard — all it takes is a comfortable pair of shoes and a willingness to move a little or a lot, all at your own pace.” – The New York Times

Check it out for more run-spiration!

How Can We Help?

If you’re ready to get your running journey started, we’ve got your back as well as that previously mentioned comfortable pair of shoes. With more than 75 models to choose from, New Balance shoes are scientifically designed to provide the stability and comfort your feet deserve, no matter the pace of the race you embark upon. Visit us at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village.

It’s Fall, Y’all


Ready or not, here Fall comes. September 22 is THIS weekend. Maybe you’re thrilled about it. Maybe you’re dreading it. Regardless of your feelings, it’s here. We for one are looking for all the positives that come with the start of a new season, particularly this pre-winter one, which sends kids back to school and schedules back to normal. It’s like an early New Years, kicking off a “new year” while giving each of us the opportunity to make it better than the last. That’s why at New Balance, we’re #teamthrilled.

Like with New Years, Fall is a chance to kickstart your yearly goals. Because we’re all about fitness, we want to focus on those goals in particular. To help get you started, check out these awesome Fall exercises that pair well with Fall activities you’d probably be doing anyway. And if you’re looking for less domestic-related workouts, put together a nice list of “Outdoor Exercises That Are Perfect For Fall.” Here are a few of our favorite things from their list:

  • Kayaking! Kayaking offers stress-reducing, cardiovascular-improving benefits without requiring intense effort. Go at your own speed and have fun with this one!
  • Backyard Football. Flag or regular, football is the most Fall-ish sport out there. Round up the kids, the neighbors, or some friends and actually play the sport that you’ve been watching on TV every Sunday for the past few weeks. Maybe you’ve learned a thing a two!
  • Biking. What is one of those exercises that don’t feel like exercising? Biking. (Unless you’re trail biking, of course.) Hopping on the bicycle and riding around the neighborhood not only takes you back to the good ol’ days, but also works out your entire body while taking it easy on your joints. It’s a win-win.

How Can We Help?

If we’ve convinced you that Fall is a great time to start a new workout routine, then you’re going to want some new gear. With more than 75 models to choose from, New Balance shoes are scientifically designed to provide the stability and comfort your feet deserve, no matter the Fall activity you embark upon. Join us in saying no to #teamdread and yes to #teamthrilled by visiting one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village.

Oh, and P.S. – remember this is a great time of year to change your smoke detector batteries and your air filters.

Happy 46th Anniversary, M*A*S*H!


There has hardly been a show as well-versed in the horror and humor of war as M*A*S*H. A comedic sitcom based on a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital unit in the Korean War, the 11-season series was the first of its kind to depict realities of war while keeping with the “work hard, play harder” mentality to which so many soldiers can identify. To this day, the show’s final episode holds the record for the highest ratings for a TV series finale ever. I’d say it had (has) a pretty big fanbase.

Why M*A*S*H Matters.

As a longtime supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces — and the official shoe for those entering basic training — New Balance is especially keen on giving credit where credit is due when it comes to the military. Since today marks M*A*S*H’s 46th anniversary of its first episode, we felt it necessary to pay tribute to the show that shined a light on the Army and gave a voice to the deployed soldier’s perspective.

Check out this article for a little more on why M*A*S*H “Remains One of the Most Influential Sitcoms of All Time.” Or, if you are already a big fan of the show, check out this new podcast co-starring Private Igor (Jeff Maxwell) about the show called M*A*S*H Matters.

How Can We Help?

Want to know why military men and women are so fond of our shoes? It may have something to do with the more than 75 shoe models we offer, along with help from our in-store fit experts who match your foot with the perfect shoe for you. Come see for yourself at one of our three San Antonio New Balance locations at The Strand, The Forum, or Quarry Village.

Where to Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in San Antonio


There may be no place in the United States as influenced by Mexican culture as San Antonio. Every nook and cranny — the streets, the restaurants, the parties (Fiesta season, anyone!?) — of this colorful city is reminiscent of its history as a Mexican territory after Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821. As a tribute to its Mexican heritage, San Antonio gears up each year on Sept. 16 to celebrate Mexican Independence Day — complete with parties and dancing and music and food. We’ll be out celebrating. Will you?

Here’s a highlight of a few events to check out this weekend. Or click here for a more comprehensive list. 


  • When: Sept. 15 @ 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.
  • What: In addition to music, this celebratory event will include a re-enactment of Mexico’s call for independence from Spain. Located outside Historic Market Square, there will also be folkloric dancing, craft vendors, and lots and lots of food!


  • When: Sept. 15 @ 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • What: The Diez y Seis Parade and Celebration has been a San Antonio staple for more than 30 years. Going through the heart of the historic Westside, this parade will also include food and El Grito recognition.


  • When: Sept. 15 @ 5 p.m.-Midnight , $10
  • What: La Trinidad United Methodist Church is hosting this family-friendly traditional celebration with food, music, and an overall celebration of culture.

Want to learn more about this holiday? Click here for a quick history lesson.