Fitting Your Feet

At most shoe stores, you tell them your size and they point you towards a rack of shoes. Is it any wonder why so many people think their feet are supposed to hurt?

The only way to ensure your foot’s comfort is to measure and match each aspect of your foot’s shape and needs – not just its size! And that’s the first thing we’ll do for you at our three stores: provide you with a professional fit analysis.

In addition to your shoe size, we’ll measure and match your feet for:

  •  Width – Too narrow a shoe will hurt and could cause structural damage over time, while too wide of a shoe will cause instability and blisters. Most brands of shoes only come in medium width, but our shoes come in a wide range of widths in order to achieve the best fit.
  • Foot shape – When a shoe is constructed, it’s made on a wooden or plastic form called a last . Matching the natural shape of your foot to the right last can eliminate a wide range of foot problems. After all, even if the shoe is the right size, your feet will still hurt if the shoe is not shaped for your foot! Our shoes are made on 26 different lasts designed to match every major variation of foot shape.
  • Arch length – When you step forward, your rear foot flexes just before the ball of your foot. We match the flex point of the shoe to the flex point of your foot by measuring the distance from your heel to the ball of your foot (i.e., your arch length). This way, the shoe works with your foot and your biomechanics, providing greater comfort and preventing training injuries.
  • Biomechanics – How your foot strikes the ground, and how you roll your weight across your feet after the initial heel strike, will determine the amount of motion control, or support you’ll need in your shoes. Our professional fitters will watch you walk or run and match you to a shoe with the correct type and amount of support or motion control for your biomechanics. Learn more about stride and gait variations.

Sound like it would take a trained professional to perform this fit analysis? It does! That’s why we pride ourselves in hiring great people and putting them through the most extensive training program in the industry. Read about our training and certification program here.

If you’re tired of less-than-competent service at the big box discount stores, internet-based, or mall shoe stores, visit our New Balance stores in San Antonio and see the difference proper fit can make in your life.

If you’re not ready to stop in, browse a few of the available shoes waiting for you at the store.