New Balance In Motion

Gain fitness and friends with this 8-week walking program

Wellness is about having balance in the mind, body and soul. That being said, it’s always easier to find balance when you have someone to grab onto when you slip. inMotion is a New Balance Wellness program, held exclusively at New Balance stores, that acts as a healthy-living support group. For one hour a week, the local community is invited to meet with New Balance experts to set goals that help you get the most out of your routine. Keeping the momentum is half the battle, and the payoff will be how you feel both inside and out.

Primarily a walking program, this 8-week stint doesn’t limit itself to one path toward wellness. Running, training and yoga will also be explored as well as a strong focus on inner health. Participants are encouraged to embrace a more holistic approach day to day, exploring nutrition and self-awareness as part of a healthy lifestyle and viewing fitness as a self-indulgence rather than a chore for the body.

Designed by fitness professionals, inMotion educates and motivates participants towards individual and group goals all in the comfort of a community setting. So it’s perfect for people just starting out and looking for that last bit of motivation to keep going.

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