New Balance Shoe Technology

Before you can really understand how New Balance?s advanced shoe technology can help your feet feel better and help the rest of your body avoid injury, you need to know a little bit about shoe construction.

All shoes are made up of 4 sections: the uppers, the insoles, midsoles, and outsoles. Besides providing increased ventilation or increased durability, the uppers aren’t much of a factor in shoe comfort, which leaves:

The Midsole

The cushioning and comfort of your athletic shoes comes from the midsole. That’s what provides the cushioning. Our midsole technology is called Abzorb. It’s a proprietary technology New Balance created with the help of Dupont.

It has the lightweight and comfort characteristics of EVA foam, but it stays bouncy much longer than EVA and other foams. In engineering terms, it resists compression set, which means it lasts longer. And that means you’ll replace your shoes well before their cushioning starts to degrade.

You are replacing your athletic shoes each season aren’t you?


Your outsoles or outer soles are quite literally the rubber that hits the road, comprised of the rubber your tread is made of and everything between your midsole and the pavement.

More importantly for shoe technology, the outsole is also were almost all of a shoe’s supporting and motion control technology is located. This is the technology that helps support your foot’s natural structures and movement, or to compensate for your body’s natural gait or stride.

When you come into our store, we’ll give you an individualized gait analysis and also check the wear on your old shoe’s outsole. These things will tell us if you pronate, over-pronate, or supinate when you walk or run.

If you pronate, you probably just need cushioning, and no motion control.

But if you over-pronate, you’ll want shoes that provide extra support and motion control. New Balance accomplishes this with Rollbar, Medial Post, and End Cap technology. To understand how this technology works, watch these videos, or come into the store to get personalized attention and help.

Increased support can also be provided by New Balance’s proprietary Stability Web, which helps provide extra arch support and can be a heaven-sent help for people suffering from Plantar Fascitis. Watch the Stability Web in action here:


The insoles are typically the removable bit of padding that goes inside the shoe between your foot/sock and the sewn-in lining of the shoe.

Honestly, some New Balance shoes come with pretty great insoles, but some come with only mediocre insoles. And that’s why we offer a fully customized fit at our store, by providing customers with a choice of after market insoles. Besides the insoles that come with your New Balance shoes, we also offer Aetrex brand insoles.

A top-shelf insole paired with a proper fitting shoe can make a world of difference in how your feet feel at the end of the day or the end of a run.

If you haven’t experienced this before, we urge you to come into the store and see for yourself.

Or, Browse our online gallery of shoes and give us a call with any questions – we guarantee you’ll speak with knowledgeable, professionally trained staff.