It sounds odd for a shoe store to say this, but we really do change people’s lives – that’s why we’re so passionate about proper fit.

Read what our customers have to say about us, and see if you could benefit from a free professional fit analysis :

My first visit to New Balance SA was in search of two things: properly fitted walking shoes and relief from constant heel pain. A friend had told me about the store, and my first visit provided much more than a new pair of NB walking shoes. I was directed to a style of shoe that would properly support my feet, a new type of insole that would better support my arches, and a correctly fitted size that would be comfortable. I have returned many times subsequently for other NB shoes, but I now arrive without any heel discomfort. Within weeks that pain no longer awoke me at night or throbbed during the day. I have walked many miles in NB shoes and never again experienced any foot related issues. I highly recommend the fitting pros and the shoes available at NB SA!

Marsha Shields
McCombs Foundation
San Antonio

I have been sending my patients to the New Balance store for several years now. The customer service is outstanding. I encourage my patients to go to the store in order to be properly measured. My patients are always surprised to find out that they are wearing a shoe that is either too short or too narrow or both.

I recommend New Balance shoes to my patients to accommodate foot deformities that most other brands do not. My patients will first receive an evaluation at my office, and I will provide the patients with a prescription. They can then bring the prescription with them to the New Balance store and the employees will help select the proper style and shoe type for the patient.

Jessica Rutstein, DPM

Finally! A store that knows the product thoroughly! I was having problems finding a comfortable walking shoe. I was concerned I may be pressured into buying the most expensive shoes. Tiffany started with three options and left it up to me. I will recommend your store to my friends.

Jan Nebgen

I was in pain when I came into your store. Tiffany went out of her way to make sure I had the correct shoe for my orthopedic needs. My feet feel great now! 

Josie Holden

Edward is the best. He is aware of my problem and to how to work with it. 

Maynard Burstein

Brittany was very knowledgeable, patient and friendly. I felt she everything about shoes.

Give her a raise!

Michael McGarity

My wife and I bought some New Balance shoes at your store on Agora Parkway in Selma yesterday,and I wanted to tell you how impressed we were with the sales person, Brittany Wildes. She was professional, very knowledgeable, and was concerned about us getting the right shoes for our needs. Partly because of employees like her, we will continue to be New Balance customers.

Thank you

Dr. Kerry J. Ledford