Why do we only sell New Balance shoes?

Reason #1: Multiple Widths

New Balance is one of the only major athletic shoe companies that carry multiple widths in all of their shoes.

This is important because improper width can cause you to size up or down on your shoe, which shifts the flex point of the shoe away from the flex points on your foot. If that happens, the shoe will work against your body’s natural biomechanics. It’s why fit is so important for shoe comfort.

Reason #2: A Shoe Last to Match Each Foot Shape

New Balance also uses 31 lasts in creating their different shoe lines and models. A Last is basically a plastic foot that the shoe is built around. If the shape of the last is different from the shape of your foot, your shoes will hurt your feet or cause injury.

This is especially important if your foot is shaped differently than the “average” foot. If shoes typically dig into your high instep, or if your heel often slips around in some shoes, or if you find yourself needing more room for your little toe, you’ve probably worn shoes built on a last that just wasn’t a good match for the shape of your foot.

With New Balance, we can fit every kind of feet to their best shoe shape – narrow heels, wide forefeet, and high insteps and all. We can even suggests the best kind of shoes to relieve your specific foot pain.

Reason #3: Advanced Shoe Technology

Assuming a proper fitting shoe, technology can make a big difference. But before you can really understand the difference it makes, you have to know a little bit about shoe construction. To see all the details check out our page on New Balance’s advanced shoe technology.

Or come into our store, get an expert fitting and gait analysis and feel the difference the technology makes for yourself.