Why We Won’t Sell Shoes Online

Buying shoes online is convenient — until you try the things on and find out they don’t fit. And it’s even worse when figuring that out takes a few weeks!

There’s more to fit than size and width

We need to see how the shoe fits on your foot and during your waking and running gait in order to ensure you’ll get all the comfort and support you deserve from a properly fitted shoe.

Neither we nor anyone else can do that online.

The difference between an OK fit and a great one has to be felt

New Balance uses 31 different foot shapes when creating their different shoe lines and models. That means even two properly fit shoes might feel subtly different on your foot when you’re wearing them.

And the same goes for various support and motion control features. Two shoes that both provide arch support can feel different when you try them both on back to back. Selecting the right one for you means coming into the store and physically trying them on, walking around the store in them, etc.

Aftermarket / Alternative Insoles can make a big difference

Even with a properly fit shoe, swapping out the insole for one with increased arch support or better cushioning can make a big difference. And you won’t know how the different insoles feel in a given shoe without coming in and trying them out.

This is why we stock several of the top brands of aftermarket insoles for our New Balance shoes and we let everyone try them out before buying.

All in all, it’s just plain silly to buy a shoe without a test drive. This is your feet and your body’s well being we’re talking about. You’re going to be wearing these shoes for a quite some time to come.

Isn’t it worth the extra time to make sure you get fit for the absolute best shoes for your needs?